Ways To Add Mindfulness to Your Day – part II


Last week we shared with you three ways to add mindfulness to your day and an infographic about mindful eating.  This week we share three more ways to be mindful in your day.

  1. Do Less.  Do an inventory of how you spend your day and decide what you really need to do and what activities you can eliminate from your day.  If you do less each day, you can focus more energy on the activities that you are doing and you will be less stressed.  This week keep a diary of all the activities you do no matter how minor.  It is from this list that you will sit down and decide what needs to be eliminated.  Tools needed: Diary, Highlighter to highlight what you want to keep. Black marker to cross out what you want to eliminate from your weekly routine.
  2. Schedule Extra Time.  Schedule extra time in between tasks just in case more time may be needed to complete a task. By adding a time cushion, you will be more relaxed if unforeseen distractions occur during the day.  For this to work, you will need to know how long it takes for you to finish specific tasks and how you deal with transitions between tasks.  If you want some time built into your schedule in case of an emergency add an “emergency”task time for the day. By scheduling a time, you can let people know when their “emergency” will be addressed. If there isn’t an emergency, think of this time as your “treat” time and use it to pamper yourself or pursue something that gives you energy like a power nap. Tools needed.  A schedule. Create schedule after you recorded a diary of your activities and then decide what tasks you will do each day and add them to your schedule.
  3. Develop Rituals/Routines. Develop a ritual for preparing your meals,cleaning your house or taking care of your body. In the diary where you are keeping track of how you spend your time, be sure to note if you have any rituals attached to the activity. If you do not, think about whether a ritual could be created to reduce any stress related to the task.  Listening to music while you clean or putting candles on the table for dinner would be positive rituals that you can add to your day.  Tools Needed:  Time to practice, Feedback from family and friends, patience, discipline and assertiveness.

If you have a positive ritual you want to share with us, please let us know on Facebook.

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