Let’s be Clean Freaks – Cleaning Schedules 4 Hour Marathon Once a eek or 20 Minutes Everyday

Yesterday we shared with you, Metabolic Balance®s, recipes for create cleaning solutions that reduced harmful chemicals in your households. Today, we sharing some tips on how to clean your house so that it is as balanced as your body.

First, Metabolic Balance®s, stop thinking of your house in zones. I do this kind of cleaning and after my research, I know it is wrong, wrong, wrong.  According to this article, we need to clean our house by tasks not areas.  According to the article, you can clean your whole house in 4 hours.  Below I will list the procedure you should use to accomplish this four hour miracle. Just like with everything else on this blog, I’m going to be testing this idea out with my own house over the weekend to see if it works.  The plan is for cleaning, not organising. If you are a hoarder, you will have a clean stash, not an organised one.


  • We will start in the main bathroom.  If you have only one, you are lucky (for cleaning purposes.) I have two bathrooms, one bathroom is currently used as a closet.  I will explain that on Vivamb.com.  You will start in the bathroom because supposedly you have storage in your bathroom for cleaning supplies.  If you keep your cleaning supplies somewhere else, you will drag those supplies to the bathroom.
  • We are going to spin like a tornado through each room.  Top to bottom left to right. Set a timer for four hours so that we can be efficient cleaning tornados, ripping through our houses and uprooting dirt, spiderwebs, dog hairs, and everything that is out of place.
  • Hardware Needed: 

    Microfiber towels

    A microfiber mop.

    A nylon-bristle broom.



  1. Let the Fun Begin with Dusting.  Do not damp dust. Use a dusting brush or a microfiber cloth.  To get rid of fingerprints, use a damp microfiber cloth which you can keep in a plastic bag.  I have one that is soaked with vinegar and lemon.  Since we are cleaning tornados, we will start on the top of all furniture and then head down to the ground.  This way if dusts falls down, you can pick it up when you get to the next few steps.
  2. Focus on Fabric. Strip linens and make the beds. Vacuum your couch and chairs and turn over pillows and fluff and neaten whatever you put on your coach (pillows, blankets, stuffed animals.)
  3. Clean your Mirrors and Glass.  I have a super cool German cleaner to use for this but you can use a microfiber cloth or newspaper and the cleaning solution of your choice. For the test, we will use a microfiber cloth and the window cleaner.
  4. Wipe down all surfaces and counters.  disinfect if it needs it. Wipe down everything that fingers touch.  Your fingers hold lots of germs and those germs can make you sick and attract other Germs looking for a place to hang out.
  5. Tackle the kitchen and bathroom in a very specific way. This way.  Sweep Bathroom floor with your broom. Get your cleaner in a spray bottle and spray it on everything in the bathroom that can handle being wet: tub, sink, toilet and floor. Go to the kitchen and wipe down the cabinets and appliance doors.  Go back to the bathroom and scrub the sink and the shower, tub,toilet and floors.  Get out your vacuum and vacuum the kitchen floor, baseboards, and walls.  Get out your mop and mop the kitchen and bathroom floor.  If you are really motivated get on your hands and knees and clean that bathroom floor so that it shines.
  6. Vacuum the rest of the house.  Vacuum our house at tornado speed. Speed is important. Do not take time to smell any flowers along the way. We need to finish this in 4 hours.
  7. You are done cleaning and can go eat a Metabolic Balance® meal. You spent four hours cleaning so it should be time for lunch or dinner.  Five hours between meals. If you still have to wait an hour, you can go throw away the trash and wipe down the front door.


If four hours is too much time for you, maybe this schedule for cleaning everyday for 20 minutes will be easier to handle. I decided to make it 40 minutes of cleaning on Saturday and skip cleaning on Sunday but you can rearrange the schedule to suit your lifestyle.   I will do the 4 hour house clean today and then try this schedule starting on Monday and see if it makes a more balanced cleaning routine.

1. Monday – Surface clean living room and kitchen

2. Tuesday -Clean bathrooms

3. Wed – Surface clean bedrooms

4. Thurs. Surface clean office/guest room.

5. Fri – Surface clean living room and kitchen

6. Sat – Clean bathrooms / Clean all interior windows

7. Sunday – Day of Rest

8. Monday – Sweep and vacuum all floors in the house

9. Tuesday – Surface clean bedrooms

10. Wed – Deep clean living room

11. Thursday – Clean bathrooms

12. Friday – Clean out closets

13. Saturday – Surface clean office/guest room / Deep clean bedrooms

14. Sunday – Day of Rest

15. Monday – Surface clean living room and kitchen

16. Tuesday – Deep clean bathrooms

17. Wed – Clean all place you put your fingers which includes doorknobs and light switches

18. Thursday – Clean out the refrigerator

19. Friday – Clean entryway,

20. Saturday – Surface clean living room and kitchen / Surface clean bathrooms

21. Sunday –  Day of Rest

22. Monday – Surface clean bedrooms

23. Tuesday – Sweep and vacuum all floors in the house

24. Wed – Clean linen closet, straighten towels, sheets or regular closet if not applicable

25. Thursday – Surface clean living room and kitchen

26. Friday – Deep clean kitchen

27. Saturday – Surface clean bathrooms / Surfaces clean bedrooms

28. Sunday – Day of Rest

29. Monday – Sweep and vacuum all floors in the house

30. Tuesday – Clean your Porch, deck, balcony.

photo of sign by Alan Goldblatt

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