How Does Traveling affect the Body

Here are some articles which talk about the different ways traveling affects your body:

Travel Disorientation –  In this study, the scientists discuss hypermobility and the effects of travel on the body.

Pre Trip Stress – This book looks at how vacation travel affect a person’s level of stress and how your relaxing vacation usually lasts only one month. After a month, you return to your pre vacation stress levels.

Travel Stress is damaging to your health and well being.

Loneliness – loneliness can not only make you feel more socially isolated, it can make you more anxious, more shy and cause you to believe you have poor social skills. Cacioppo says previous research also shows that loneliness can make people less trustful of others and can make the brain more “defensive.”

Family and Relationship Problems –

Mental Illness – Solastalgia – The Distress caused by environmental change (This deals with a change in home environment)

The Stress of Recovery –

The Erosion of community –

Jet Lag – The Science of Jet lag and how to beat it.eros

Problems of Sleeping – (Will need to sign up to read the paper)

Diseases & Discomforts –  How mobility spreads disease.

Photo: Airport waiting

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