Thanksgiving Rituals the metabolic balance ® way

In a major sociological study of Thanksgiving published in the Journal of Consumer Research, seven rituals were found to be universal in American Families.  Reading through the list, I thought we could modify some of the rituals to conform with a  metabolic balance ® lifestyle.  Here is a metabolic balance ® ritual list for you to add to your holiday.

  1. Giving of Career Advice – metabolic balance ® is always looking for motivated coaches. During Thanksgiving  talk about your awesome coach and how important your coach has been during your metabolic balance ® journey.   Talking about your coach may encourage younger members of your family to see coaching as a career path and may even encourage them to consider living a metabolic balance ® lifestyle.
  2. Forgetting Ingredients – metabolic balance ® wants you to forget lots of ingredients.  Look at your recipes and see how to make them fit into a metabolic balance ® plan.  We know you will make Thanksgiving a treat meal but altering your recipes so they are more metabolic balance ® appropriate will help show your family that they can eat healthy and celebrate the holidays without too much sacrifice.
  3. Sharing Disaster Stories – If you have been following the metabolic balance ® plan, you will have some of these to share. Talk about a great vacation and how you rebalanced afterwards or a night out that when terribly wrong.  metabolic balance ® is a lifestyle not a diet so share with your family and friends how you live a metabolic balance ® life and how great you feel because you are eating what makes sense for your body.
  4. Reappropriation of Store Bought Items – For metabolic balance ® why not take one of our recipes and make it your own.  Find a metabolic balance ®Monday recipe and add a special ingredient that keeps it metabolic balance ®d but also makes it your own.
  5. Put away the leftovers – Save your turkey from Thanksgiving to make a wonderful Turkey soup. Let your guests take home anything that is not on your metabolic balance ® plan.  This makes it easier for you to rebalance and avoid eating treat foods for more than just one day.
  6. Walking.  We encourage you to go walk before and after your Thanksgiving meal to spend time with your family outdoors.  Staying away from the television and the kitchen may reduce your snacking opportunities and make it easier for you to stay metabolically balanced.
  7. Water.  metabolic balance ® wants you to drink plenty of water so add a pitcher of water and water glasses to the dining room table to encourage drinking water instead of soda, alcohol or fruit juices.
  8. Take a Bite of Protein.  If dinner is extending past an hour, remember to eat a bit of protein so you stay on plan.  Have some nuts on the table or save a piece of Turkey to nibble on while the family reminisces about the past and dreams about the future.


photo by susanne nilsson


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