metabolic balance Monday Recipe – Mandelade

One favourite recipe we want you to remember is Mandelade.

Mandelade is a wonderful option and is easy to make. (It takes only a few minutes to prepare)

The recipe measurements are different for men or women and are giving in both Grams and ounces.

Recipe ingredients for men:

40 grams/1.411 ounces almonds 

30 grams/1.058 ounces sunflower seeds



Recipe ingredients for Women:

30 grams/1.058 ounces almonds

20 grams/.71ounces sunflower seeds


Cinnamon (freshly grated makes your kitchen smell wonderful)


Soak your almonds and sunflower seeds overnight.   

In the morning, place the seeds in your food processor with your fruit and cinnamon. 

If you would like to keep it kind of course, you can put it in a bowl and eat it like oatmeal orMuesli.  At this point, you can add 10 grams of rolled rye (which counts as one slice of rye crisp bread) to your mixture to bulk up the recipe.

If you would like to make a paste, continue to process the mixture and maybe add a bit of water.  You can spread your paste on a rye crisp bread.


This recipe is suggested for participants close to their goal weight and going on to phase 3. (If they do not already have Mandelade on their personal plan)

Additional Info:

Mandel means almond in German.

Using almonds with the brown skin will add dietary fiber to your diet and extra vitamins and minerals.

Mandelade on the Metabolic Balance plan always is eaten with fruit.   In the example video an apple is used but you can use whatever fruit is available to you on your plan and in season.

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