Win By Losing Resolution Game


For our 2016 challenge we will be playing DIET BET.  300,000 DietBetters are on the site and 92.86 % of them have lost weight,losing more than 3.5 million pounds and winning $15 million.

The Challenge: Lose 4% of body weight over a 28 day period.

Dates to join: Between January 2nd and March 5th there are 4 games in total.


Jan 2-29 2016

January 23 -Feb 19

Feb 13 – March 11

March 5 – April 1st

To allow consistent flow of participation the challenge has 4 games. One new game starts every 3 weeks. A new round starts every 28 days.

How to invite participants: Visit the games and then forward the specific URL listed below to clients and friends so they can join.

Participants may register and place their bet for a game well before it starts, but the official first weigh-in can only be complete two days before a game starts and up 14 days into a game.

Depending on when you’ve started your personal program, you may choose to participate in one game or multiple games. Here is how it works:

Please click here for details on how the Challenge Works.

DietBet Rules: Please click here for details regarding the Challenge Rules

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