Train Yourself For Distraction

We’ve talked about being mindful while focusing on your health and keeping your metabolism balanced but distractions can cause havoc with your attempts to follow the metabolic balance plan.

In this NY Times article, the writer’s explained that multitasking is rapid toggling between tasks and that your brain is engaged in constant context switching not performing multiple tasks at the same time.  This means, when you are interrupted, it will take an average of 25 minutes to get back to where you were prior to the disruption.

according to the research, some tasks are less amenable to interruption than others and scientists are exploring ways for people to use memory triggers to lower the time it takes to return to prior tasks.  Until researchers figure out a way to lessen the lost time, focus on scheduling the appropriate amount of time for each task and avoid disruptions for tasks that require analysing data.

If you would like to read our posts focusing on mindfulness, you can find an infographic hereinformation about mindfulness and healthy weight and mindful eating equals mindful living.

If you were interested in researching this subject, research  interruption science  – the scientific field concerned with interruptions affecting human performances.


One thought on “Train Yourself For Distraction

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