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Enough food for thought.  We have another dietbet game starting soon. Please sign up and join us on dietbet. We will have a total of four games. I hope you will join us for one of them.


We are starting a new international blog for user content called LivecleanMB.  Here is a link to the Facebook page and our Facebook Group.  The facebook page and the facebook group are open to all metabolic balancers.  It is monitored by Me (Emmy) and I will not tolerate any negative comments so keep the information you share positive & helpful to other metabolic balancers.

If you are a metabolic balancer and love to write, have some recipes you would like to share or photographs that are food & or health related, please let me know and we will try and share your content on the Live Clean MB website. You can share the content on Facebook and tell me “Hey Emmy, you can use this!”  As long as it is your content and you have the right to share it, I will gladly use your photos and stories.

Because the website is for the international metabolic balance community, anyone doing metabolic balance in any country is welcome to submit content ( we will post as soon as we have you sign a release saying we can use the content.) Coaches and metabolic balancers who have blogs are encouraged to join in and do a guest post on the blog. We will be filling up the days and hope to have five days a week of content but that is really up to you!

 Our first metabolic balancer blogger is Barbara L. from near Minnesota.

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