La Valleur : My Inspiration

On Livecleanmb, one of our metabolic balancers, Barbara La Valleur, from Minnesota interviewed her sister who lost 80 pounds following the metabolic balance plan. metabolic balance is changing the lives of busy people who want to be healthier and more balanced. Thank you Barbara and Sharon for sharing your stories.

Live Clean MB

Emmy Horstkamp, asked  if I would interview my sister, Sharon Henneman, who lives in rural Minnesota about her metabolic balance journey.  Sharon and I have always been close and she is my inspiration for being on the Metabolic Balance® nutrition plan.

Sharon Henneman (S) Interview by Barbara La Valleur (B)

B: What was your incentive for going on the Metabolic Balance® plan?

S My incentive was to be able to go on Mission Trips and not slow the team down; to be able to ride a horse again; to get my health and strength back, lose weight, have better sex and all kinds of stuff.

B: Who was your inspiration? 

S: Carol Ulrich, who is 80 years old and is a friend who was able to go to India because she had lost over 30 lbs. on metabolic balance®and was able to walk. Carol kept the weight off and…

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