#6 La Valleur Metabolic Balance®: The Eye’s Have It

We have a metabolic balancer blogging about her journey on Livecleanmb. Today La Valleur shared a recent food adventure.

Live Clean MB

I’m visual. Very visual. Being a photojournalist, I can’t help myself. Things like skewed photos on the wall or light switches that are installed just a little bit “off” drive me bonkers.

So it’s not surprising that I am particular about how my food looks as well. My husband has been known to fix a meal with cod and then proceeds to have cauliflower and potatoes as veggies. I have a hard time with that. I’ll add some cherry tomatoes or spinach or just about anything with a splash of color on my plate. I know, I “should” be grateful he’s cooking the meal, right?

During a recent trip to my local coop, I came across a recipe that was conveniently posted by the goat cheese. As one of my approved Metabolic Balance® cheeses, it caught my eye.

Ingredients: goat cheese, frozen spinach, sun dried tomatoes, dry basil, garlic powder and…

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