Stuffed Eggplant – metabolic balance Monday Recipe

I found a round eggplant this weekend and asked the vegetable handler what I should do with it.  She responded, “Stuff it.”

I took the eggplant home and stuffed it.

Pretty purple uncooked eggplant.
Brownish Purple eggplant that is no longer a pretty purple but really yummy.

Here are the ingredients for the stuffings I made.


  • Eggplant
  • Olive oil
  • Seasoning – salt, pepper, koriander (the green leafy version)
  • Fresh Basil leaves
  • Small mushrooms (whatever variety is not considered a protein)
  • Onions
  • Zucchini
  • Garlic
  • Cheese -whatever one you have on your plan. If you do not have cheese, go for the mushrooms that are considered a protein.  If you don’t know ask your metabolic balance coach.


If you have a round eggplant like mine, you will slice the bottom so that the eggplant will not roll around but not too deep so that the filling falls out – Think carrot slice thin.  Next, you will slice off the top low enough so that it forms a lid.

When you slice off the top, you will see the white part of the eggplant. Do not nibble on this. Raw eggplant is not so appetising. Set the cap aside and scoop out the inside of the eggplant like you would a pumpkin.

The meat of an eggplant is much firmer than a pumpkin so you will need to be patient and use a melon scooper or your knife in a strategic way.  A spoon does not work well and your fingers would do an even worse job.

Once you have gutted your eggplant, take the white meat and boil it until soft and then set it aside.

Dice your onions, zucchini and mushrooms and then saute them with olive oil. Add garlic and seasoning to the vegetables and toss in your boiled eggplant pieces.

Once your vegetables are cooked but still firm, place them in a bowl and set them aside.

Grab your eggplant bowl and rub a bit of olive oil on the inside.  Sprinkle the basil into the bowl and then start layering your vegetables and the cheese.

Once you have filled up your eggplant bowl, place the bowl into the oven and cook for about 30 minutes.  The longer you cook the eggplant the thinner your bowl will become (eggplant is a very watery vegetable when baked and that water will pool around the eggplant.)

When the eggplant is cooked (meat is soft), remove the  eggplant from the oven and serve.

Note:  You can add rye breadcrumbs to the mixture to make it heartier.  If you don’t want to use cheese you can substitute a meat.  We used ground beef for one of the fillings instead of cheese and my family really liked that. (maybe you can stuff your eggplant with both stuffings and then just cut it down the middle.






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