Keeping on Plan While on the Road – La Valleur #10

How wonderful to go on vacation and still lose weight. Read Barbara’s story of traveling by car through the USA and staying on her her metabolic balance plan.

Live Clean MB

With some trepidation, I left on a nine-state road trip on April 1st with my husband. Over nine days, we planned to visit friends in Chicago, Nashville, St. Louis and Des Moines and view public art pieces in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri and Iowa.

We packed our suitcases and two cooler bags filled with home made sourdough rye muffins, a bag of Honeycrisp apples, a motley of bell peppers which I’d cut in wedges, hard boiled eggs, coconut oil, mangos, turmeric & cumin.  My intentions were to eat “on plan” as much as possible and stick to the one treat meal a week recommendation.



We headed out on a seven hour drive to Chicago through strong winds, rain, sleet, snow and sunshine. Our friends welcomed us with wine and light snacks and I, with solipsistic resolve, accepted the offer of cold green tea and declined the snacks…

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