Barbara La Valleur – Milestone Moments

Add Spring cleaning to your short term goals! Here is a blog post by Barbara La Valleur about her goals as she progresses through the metabolic balance plan.

Live Clean MB

One of the practices I create when I take on a new project is to set an end result goal as well as minor goals – set in time – along the way. Goals help me focus on my end result.  I make sure they’re attainable, yet will stretch me.

I set numerous goals before I started my Metabolic Balance® journey in January.  My main goal was to loose 88 lbs. How did I reach that figure?  Looking back to my age when I was physically feeling my best was one consideration. Then going on line to check on obese, overweight and normal weight levels for a person of my age (70), height (5’6 ½” – 170 cm) and sex (F), I knew I definitely wanted to be in the “normal” category. Finally, I like the sounds of 88 lbs. [40 kg]

  • Then I sat down and…

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