Handling Cravings

Here is an excellent blog post by Myra Nissen about cravings.

Live Clean MB

When I first stated my metabolic balance I had a cravings. Sometimes it was feelings of hunger. Sometimes I wanted to eat more often than allowed. But sometimes it was the incredible urge to eat something that was not on my plan. Something that I missed, like chocolate, sweets, or salt.

I learned from my coach that hunger is not really being hungry. It is just a sensation triggered by a hormone (called ghrelin) that is released when our stomach lining shrinks. Maybe it’s a natural signal to keep us alive, “Hey, it’s time to eat.” But I know and trust that I am getting enough nutrition on my plan; so it is not that I am literally starving. Shrinking my stomach was, after all, one of goals. “Drink more water,” my coach would say. The rational is to stop the hormone by stretching the stomach lining…

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