For The Best Coaching Results Know Your Best Learning Style



  • Visual Learners use pictures, images, diagrams, colours, and mind maps.
  • Physical Learners “learn by doing” and use their body to assist in their learning. Drawing diagrams, using physical objects, or role playing are all strategies of the Physical learner.
  • Aural Learners prefer using sound, rhythms, music, recordings and clever rhymes.
  • Verbal Learners prefer using words, both in speech and in writing to assist in their learning. Verbal learners use based techniques, scripting, and reading content aloud.
  • Logical Learners prefer using logic, reasoning, and “systems” to explain or understand concepts.
  • Social Learners enjoy learning in groups or with other people and enjoy working with others as much as possible.
  • Solitary Learners prefer to learn alone and through self-study.

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