Low Salt Diets May Not Benefit All – Salt News

Today, we are sharing information about salt. A new study says that the only people who need to worry about reducing salt are those with high blood pressure who consume high levels of salt.

The study examined 130k people in 49 countries and showed that most people were consuming the right amount of salt. Through their research, they found that not enough salt posed more risk than consuming more than the recommended amount and according to the researchers, the current recommended salt ceiling may be set too low. If you would like to read more about the study, you can find the PR release here.

Of course, people who have metabolic syndrome may be sensitive to salt and need to watch their intake. (This statement is based on a study done in China.)

In the US, The FDA is still hoping to curb the excessive amounts of salt being used in processed foods by setting voluntary salt guidelines for commercially processed, packaged and prepared foods.  This means, if a company wants to, they can lower the amount of salt being used but the government will not tell them that they have to lower the amounts of salt they are adding to their products.


photo of salt by Leonid Mamchenkov

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