200 Daily Food Decisions – Do You Know How Many You Make?

In two research studies by Cornell University,  the researchers found that individuals were unaware of all the food decisions they were making on a daily basis and they were unaware about how their environment influenced their decisions. Many people believed they were making 15 food choices when in fact they were making 219.

One of the reasons people underestimated the number of food choices was because they only considered food choice and forgot about food consumption.

Food choice decisions often focus on what is eaten, while food consumption
decisions are a subset of food choice which focuses more specifically on volume
decisions. The former determine what we eat (soup or salad); the latter determine how  much we eat (half of the bowl or all of it).
The other reason people underestimated the number of decisions they made was because they did not believe their environment was an influence on their food consumption and did not want to believe that they were susceptible to that kind of environmental manipulation.

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