Let’s Be Sugar Free – Challenge Yourself to be Healthy

If you are ready to remove the processed sugar from your diet, do the following:

  1. Not on metabolic balance? Contact a metabolic balance coach.  If you are going  to be sugar free, you might as well go all the way and balance your metabolism and make your body as healthy as possible.  If you are already on metabolic balance, talk with your coach and tell them you want to make sure you had no processed sugars in your diet.
  2. Plan out your meals. If you know what you are going to be eating, you can avoid accidentally adding hidden sugars into your meals.
  3. Eat soups with a balanced flavour palette. Soups help you feel satiated so you will be less tempted to go for something sweet at the end of your meal.
  4. Write out a list of how reducing the sugar in your life will make your body healthier.
  5. Ask your family and friends to join you.
  6. Learn to read labels so you can avoid adding hidden sugars into your meals.

As you progress through the thirty days, you may feel a craving for sugar.  If you feel like you are craving sugar, try one of the following:

  1. Set a timer for fifteen minutes and then go do something else.  When the timer goes off, ask yourself if you still want that sugary item. If you are following metabolic balance, you will not be snacking so the fifteen minutes which have gone by must be right after a meal.  If you waited fifteen minutes and are now considering a piece of fruit, make sure you have a seed/protein before eating the fruit.
  2. Breathing slower increases your willpower and allows you to focus on your end goal and avoid the immediate gratification of a dose of sugar.  Please note that if you are under a great amount of stress, you will find it harder to find your willpower but taking deep breaths will help release stress and improve your willpower.


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