metabolic balance® welcomes recently Certified Coaches

metabolic balance® adds Coaches from Arizona, California, Pennsylvania and Texas. During our Certification Seminar in Oakland, CA we trained 7 new U.S. metabolic balance® coaches, who will shortly graduate as Certified metabolic balance® Coaches.


Under the metabolic balance® motto – Restart Your Metabolism – our coaches learn how the metabolic balance® Method achieves a re-balancing of the metabolism, which according to the independent metabolic balance® Study [], not only results in a significant weight reduction, but also leads to a measurable improvement in the quality of life. Our metabolic balance® coaches assist clients, who are ready to change their life. Make sure to connect with a metabolic balance® coach – this will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made! The next opportunity to become a metabolic balance® Coach is in July 2017 in LA [].

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