Your Liver and Nutrition

The liver is the most important organ for the catabolism of internal and external metabolic toxins – so it’s no wonder that it’s our largest organ at around 1.5 kg. You could compare the various liver functions with a chemical factory, since it stores sugar and vitamins, processes vital proteins, regulates fat metabolism and removes harmful substances. The liver also produces about one liter of bile every day for fat digestion and as a storage organ, it provides the organism with vitamins tailored to the body’s requirements.

About 5 million people in Germany suffer from a liver disease, the two most frequent being hepatitis and fatty liver. NAFLD (Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease) is on the increase in industrialized nations. Around 20-30% of the global population is affected. Scientists believe that the main cause of NAFLD is a a hypercaloric diet, which is mainly based on carbohydrate-rich food.

However, you don’t necessarily have to suffer from a liver disease! You can help your liver with a diet which is largely basic, i.e. with a high proportion of vegetables, herbs, whole grain products and no fast-food products.

Tips for a liver-friendly diet
–    add vegetables and salad (e.g. radicchio, chicory, arugula, artichokes, endives) often to your daily diet
–    eat bitter fruit, such as grapefruit, oranges, and lemons
–    when preparing food, use a lot of spices, especially ginger, galangal, pepper, caraway, mustard, cardamom, garlic and turmeric
–    add fresh herbs like thyme, marjoram, lovage, rosemary and wild herbs such as sorrel, portulaca, dandelion, wild garlic to your salads and vegetables (and there are many more herbs out there)
–    drink green tea or redbush tea often

Silvia Bürkle
Co-Founder of the metabolic balance® Method

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