metabolic balance® wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving

Blessing a plentiful harvest has been a tradition in many countries, especially at times when farmers and their families used to do strenuous physical work to seed, grow, work and harvest the land. Many countries used to celebrate Thanksgiving with festivities and social meetings and dances. Nowadays those traditions are not followed as much anymore. Thanksgiving as a Holiday is celebrated in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Korea, Liberia, Switzerland and the United States.turkey-966494_1920

Also the food provided has changed. Researching about food preparations for Thanksgiving in the United Stated shows, that all those traditional food items have been replaced by more processed offerings. An article by states that the first Thanksgiving dinner most likely included wildfowl, corn, porridge and venison. We know that most tables will only include corn from that list.

Let us encourage you to Give Thanks for Family, Friendship, Health and Happiness. Let us celebrate with healthy foods and love.


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