Holiday Season is the Time to Splurge …

… however, there is one thing we can still do to help our metabolism: one apple a day …!


An Apple A Day” is a fundamental rule in our metabolic balance® Program – for many good reasons! Reader’s Digest Magazine listed 8 of them:

  1. Apples fight Alzheimer’sapple&cinnamon
  2. Apples prevent colon cancer
  3. Apples stabilize blood sugar
  4. Apples boost gum health
  5. Apples prevent high blood pressure
  6. Apples help you lose weight
  7. Apples fend off heart disease
  8. Apples fight high cholesterol

The proverbial advice “An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor away” first appeared in print in 1866 reports Medical News Today. Foods like apples certainly fall into the category of Food is Nature’s Medicine – especially from a preventative point of view! Take a look at Mother Nature’s Pop Science Guide to Apples. To quote from the subtitle of the post on Mother Nature’s Network web page, “the apple is one of Earth’s most iconic foods, symbolizing everything from health and beauty to evil and ingenuity. In honor of these gravity-revealing, doctor-repelling superfruits, MNN offers a graphical tribute to apples’ enduring popularity.

Do you want to learn more about metabolic balance®? Check out our website: or ask to be new member of our facebook Group “Eat what makes Sense“.

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