What about Hydration?

Here’s a question for all athletes and active weekend work-out-warriors: Do you drink sports drinks? 

If all the advertisement are to believed, we’d expect incredible results from sports drinks – they are supposed to improve endurance, fitness and regeneration. They are in fact a multi-billion dollar business! We believe sports drinks are completely unnecessary! They actually contain high sugar and / or sweeteners and thus, are not good for an optimal metabolic health. We recommend: water, which is the best choice for necessary hydration – just stay away from sugary sports drinks! A healthy diet with the right amount of water supplies the body with what is needed to stay hydrated and healthy. 

Of course … there is always a place for enhanced nutrition especially for professional athletes and those in endurance events. But then, choose a high quality product and tailored to the athleticism. For everyday activity and exercise, water is simply the best hydration!

Mb 12-10 - Wasser

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