One Apple A Day …

… easy steps to improve your immune system and well-being! We all know the old proverb “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Apples are nutrient-rich, known to lower uric acid as well as cholesterol. Especially older varieties of apples are rich in polyphenols, which counteract free radicals. Meaning, the naturally occurring flavonoids (phytonutrients found in fruits and vegetables) carry out antioxidant action.Therefore, Metabolic Balance applies these impressive health benefits – we eat one apple a day – that’s one of our strategies of success. Join us!If you have a Metabolic Balance Nutrition Plan – put it to good use! Re-balance your metabolism now. If you do not have a plan yet, get in contact with us – or one of our certified coaches. We are looking forward hearing from you!

One thought on “One Apple A Day …

  1. Hello! Mary Gilbertson APRN-C, MS, CNS, CHHC APRN Candidate-May 2020 Licensed Registered Nurse Clinical & Functional Nutritionist Certified Holistic Health Coach Functional Medicine Practitioner

    Mary Gilbertson Wellness 500 Purdy Hill Rd, Suite 2 Monroe, CT 06468

    Phone: 203-521-4733 Fax: 203-601-7054

    “The Greatest Wealth Is Health!” Hello!! >


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