Metabolic Balance and Coffee

For many of us, coffee is part of our morning routine and our daily life. So you might be wondering how coffee fits in with the Metabolic Balance program.

Our opinion at Metabolic Balance is that it is totally up to you if you include coffee with your meals whilst you strictly follow your Metabolic Balance plan. After a weeks on our program though, many clients they realize that it is not for them and continue with this decision in the long term. However, if you decide to drink coffee, do make sure you only drink it at mealtimes or immediately after a meal – especially in phase 2! (avoid drinking coffee in between meals)

Having coffee does not count towards your daily water quota but it can only be black coffee with no sugar. It is quite common for many people to miss their delicious latte or coffee with creamer in the beginning, but almost all of them get used to it very quickly and some of them never go back to having coffee with milk again!

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