Often times, prunes are an overlooked and undervalued food! Usually when they are mentioned to our clients, many are a bit surprised saying, “Oh I don’t think I’ve had them before” or “I haven’t had prunes in years!”

One of the great things about your Metabolic Balance food list is that it allows you to try and experiment with different foods that you may not have had in years or never tried. And with prunes it is pretty much always, “I thought I didn’t like prunes but I’m really liking them” or “they’re a great way to finish my meal”!

Not only are prunes delicious but they are also nutritious! They are great for heart health and regulating blood sugar levels for healthy weight loss. Prunes have also been shown to lower LDL cholesterol (the “bad” one) and may have anti-cancer properties. On top of that, they are a great source of vitamin C and vitamin A, folic acid, potassium and calcium.

Credit: Metabolic Balance Australia and New Zealand

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