Maintaining Your Mineral Balance

In no other season of the year is it as important as in the summer to make sure you have an maintain the mineral balance in your body. The warm temperatures wear down the body and you can lose a lot of liquid and minerals by sweating. Important minerals for your body include potassium, magnesium, and sodium. These are needed for your body to absorb the water and nutrients you give it!

To keep your body balanced this summer make sure you drink lots of water and that get adequate amounts of sea salt or rock salt. Each person must consume about two grams per day to supply his or her body with sufficient amounts of the minerals contained. Anyone who ingests less than these two grams loses the feeling of thirst and the body threatens to dry out. Try to stay away from classic table salt, as it is refined, often contains artificial additives, and does far less for your body than its natural counterparts.

Tip: Try to set goals for how much to drink throughout the day. It is important to drink water even if you are not thirsty, as thirst is usually a sign that you are dehydrated.

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