Metabolic Balance Testimonials

An integral part of the Metabolic Balance program is the one-on-one support provided by our coaches. Check out this great post and video below from one of our coaches, Tanya Jarrett, MPH. It truly shows the impact that the Metabolic Balance program along with guidance from coaches can have!

Repost from Tanya Jarrett:

Metabolic Balance Group Program
Past few months have you feeling blah?

Weight gain, coping with food/alcohol, sleepless nights, stress overload….I’m hearing ya!

I think we all now realize how much we need our health and this is the perfect opportunity to get back on track and this program will change your life (no joke!)

Join the next Group Metabolic Balance Program – starts Oct 3, 2020 with all lab work will need to be completed by September 25, 2020. (all sessions are done virtually)

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