Eggs are simple. There are white and brown eggs but for the most part they are all created equal. Well this is actually wrong! Today we want to highlight how important it is to know the difference between how eggs are produced. Most eggs are labeled one of three ways: cage free, free-range, or pasture raised.

Cage-free simply means that chickens don’t live in cages but there are no specific requirements as to how much space they are given. In most cases cage-free chickens live in barns or indoor facilities.

Free-range means that chickens live in a space where they could access the outdoors but often times these are just small doors. If barns are crowded some chickens may never be able to access the outside.

Pasture raised is the most humane condition and means that chickens have at least 108 sq. feet of outside space.

The next time you buy eggs consider choosing organic, pasture raised eggs!

Picture: Huffington Post

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