Loving Yourself

This is about recognizing how important you are. How fabulous your body is. How vital it is to respect yourself and be kind and loving to yourself. It’s a sad fact that many look outside for a fix to their problems whether that’s thinking if only I had this I’d be happy, if only I looked like that I’d be successful, if only there was a quick fix I’d be well. We say, start with kindness to yourself. Start with loving words and stop the criticism. Then start with your food. Eat to nourish yourself in the right way. After 20+ years of helping people know their foods, we’ve seen some wonderful transformations for a life long love affair of health and wellbeing. And it’s never ever too early or too late to start loving yourself in the right way with nutritious and delicious food. Love yourself enough to cook yourself a meal of fresh food perfect for you. It really can be that simple.

Credit: Metabolic Balance Australia and New Zealand

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