What Can I Eat?

One way to try and alleviate symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is to improve your diet. Whether we have CFS or just day-to-day low energy, having some staple recipes is a great way to make sure we eat well and in a way that maximizes energy.

Try these simple tips for eating well when energy is low:

– Include protein with every meal such as having nuts with an apple. Protein supports the brain and may improve mood and immune function.

– Avoid stimulants such as coffee, sugar and alcohol. These will give you short term energy but are not sustainable long term.
– Include bitter foods such as dandelion greens or arugula- available in supermarkets in with bagged salad section. The bitter taste helps stimulate your taste buds, and improve absorption of nutrients from your food.

– Try batch cooking meals and keeping portions in the freezer. A curry or chili recipe is easy to make and can be packed full of healthy and delicious foods.

-Use a program such as Metabolic Balance ® to stabilize your blood sugar and energy levels and add consistency to your life.

Photo: Metabolic Balance Australia and New Zealand

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