Reset Your Kitchen

One of your first steps towards a healthier lifestyle should be to “detox” your kitchen. Clean out all of the processed or tempting foods that you know would throw you off track or prevent you from accomplishing your goals. This way you won’t be tempted to eat a bag of chips in front of the TV after a stressful day, only to be tormented by a guilty conscience the next day. At Metabolic Balance we provide you with many resources to help you revamp your kitchen. We help you with:

  • shopping tips, including how to decipher the information printed on the packaging,
  • information about where sugar is hidden
  • comprehensive advice on how to get good quality food even with a small budget,
  • detailed recipes that anyone can prepare themselves,
  • simple and varied meals for when you’re travelling,
  • delicious ideas for the lunch,
  • practical budgeting instructions and recommendations on stock-keeping.

    To get started with our program and detox your kitchen reach out to us via Facebook or our website.

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