Glutamate – flavor enhancer with consequences

Our body naturally produces glutamate but we can also absorb it from foods such as eggs, cheese, meat, potatoes, spinach or cereals. Glutamate is essential for life, as a messenger for the transmission of stimuli.
The food industry also uses artificial glutamate (also known as MSG) as a flavor enhancer in various products. This may contribute to an oversupply of glutamate in the body. For example, soup contains a hundred times as much glutamate as naturally found in tomatoes or milk. Having an overabundance of glutamate is not without consequences and can cause head, stomach and limb pain. Glutamate can have another unpleasant effect: loss of appetite control! Who hasn’t experienced this: You open a bag of potato chips and you can’t stop eating. You continue eating until the bag is empty. To learn more about the different effects of glutamate, check out these links below:



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