Long Covid

Struggling with long Covid? Long Covid is essentially a post-infection condition that can linger for a long period of time after someone has tested negative – even years! While eating the right foods is not a cure for long Covid, diet and nutrition could play a key role in coping with it. Experts say there is still a lot to learn about long Covid, but nutrition plays a vital role: “Heart disease, certain cancers, stroke and type two diabetes … you can fight all of those diseases with a knife and a fork. That is empowering because you have control of what’s on your plate and what you eat.” – Dr Joan Salge Blake, Clinical Professor at Boston University. Here are some tips that could help reduce the effects of long Covid:

-Meals rich in veggies, fruits, nuts and whole grains
-Be aware of vitamin deficiencies
-Stay hydrated
-Steer clear of foods that worsen inflammation

If you’d like to discuss this or how Metabolic Balance can help other health conditions, reach out to your nearest MB coach via our website!

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