Coach Spotlight: Stef Sojka, MPH, CHES

Nutrition started as a personal journey for Stef. Struggling with weight gain, blood sugar issues, and other food reactions, she delved into educating herself with answers she could not get from her doctors. She started looking for a program for her own nutritional needs that would also support her clients holistically, without needing medications, powders, or supplements to support a balanced body.

She started following her own personalized Metabolic Balance plan back in 2018 and in her own words: “I loved it from day one. I felt great on it. It’s very simple and if you follow it, it works.”

Stef has been working with Metabolic Balance since late 2018 with her online wellness programs via Zoom video sessions. She also has a Master’s Degree in Public Health (MPH), is a Board Certified Health Education Specialist (NCHEC), and holds certifications as a Metabolic Balance Coach, a Whole Health Practitioner, a Corporate Wellness Coach, a Precision Nutrition Coach, and is a RESTART Licensed Educator.

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