Coach Spotlight: Aiko Wynn, ACC

Aiko grew up in Northern Utah and spent most of her 30 year career in corporate retail. She loved that work, accomplished great things and had formed lifelong friends with her job. But it also aged her, and her life and work became critically imbalanced. She chose to move on to higher frequencies of growth, and never looked back.  

When she thought it would be a time to retire… that’s when coaching found Aiko. “I coach in areas I am passionate about and what has worked best for me,” she explains. “That includes self-development, transition, mental fitness, career and natural weight loss with Metabolic Balance.” After living in Seattle for 25 years, Aiko is now back in Utah surrounded by family, friends, her husband and their dog, Mochi.

Aiko is a Certified Professional Coach – ICF ACC, and is certified as a Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach, a Metabolic Balance Coach-Practitioner, and a Sedona Soul Coach. Aiko has clients who live all over the United States, and offers coaching sessions over the phone or on Zoom. 

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