Wild Herbs

With spring in full swing there are many amazing vegetables and also herbs that are coming back into season. Wild herbs especially can add amazing and unique flavors to meals. Check out some our favorites below and maybe even consider adding them into your weekly meal rotation!

Wild garlic: Typically recognized by its garlic-like smell, it is rich in minerals, stimulates the metabolism and strengthens the immune system.  Wild garlic tastes good in dips, bread spreads and also spices up soups.

Stinging nettle: The nutty and aromatic leaves are ideal for a spring cure, as they have a draining and blood purifying effect. Similar to spinach, the leaves can be steamed and are excellent for a salad, pesto and also tea.

Goutweed: Goutweed grows everywhere and is therefore considered by many as annoying weed. However, it can score with anti-inflammatory vital substances and antioxidants. The young leaves are great in a salad, potato dishes and vegetables.

Ground ivy: The bitter herb has it all, as it inhibits inflammations, has an expectorant effect and gets the metabolism going. With its slightly spicy and bitter taste it is suitable for herbal curd, pestos, omelettes and soups.

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