Nutrition As We Age

With increasing age, the body and metabolism change: muscle and bone mass decreases, whereas the fat content tends to increase. The energy requirement of the body are lower and our digestion slows down. Nevertheless, the body still needs essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements to work properly. Therefore, it becomes even more important to incorporate foods with high nutrient density into your diet. This includes fresh fruits, vegetables and pulses, dairy products, meat, fish and eggs as well as whole grain foods. The intake of sufficient protein is especially necessary, because the protein requirements actually increases with age. The protein contained in food ensures that the muscle mass does not decrease too fast. Proteins with a high amount of leucine, isoleucine and valine, which can be found in dairy products, but also in beef and poultry, salmon, wheat, peas and walnuts, are ideal. The intake of protein should be distributed as evenly as possible over all three meals of the day. 

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