Culinary and Glamorous: these Stuffed Artichokes are a Real Treat

MB 09-09-2019
1 serving cooked ham
1 serving vegetables (artichokes and mushrooms)
1 lemon
spices & herbs: salt, freshly ground pepper, freshly chopped parsley
olive oil or coconut oil

Remove the scale-like leaves from the artichoke and break off the stalk. This requires a little effort, but please do not cut it off, as the inedible fibers will be removed from the bottom by the breaking (it’s also called “hay”). Cut off the upper first third and remove the middle leaves, now you can remove the inedible “hay” (with small artichokes you have very little of it).  Place the cleaned artichokes immediately in lemon water.
Cut ham and mushrooms into small cubes and sauté in oil, season with salt and pepper. Remove from pan, add parsley, fill artichokes and place in a pot with some oil. Cover and cook at low heat for about 35-45 minutes, pour some water over the filling from time to time to prevent it from drying out.

Enjoy your meal!

metabolic balance Monday Recipe – Artichokes – How to Eat Them

Before we can share recipes for Artichokes, you need to know how to prepare them and how to eat them.  The simplest way is to steam them. Depending on the size, you will have to steam them from 20 to 40 minutes. Here is a detailed video about preparing and cooking an artichoke. (Remember lemon will be counted as your fruit for the meal.)

Now that you know how to steam them. You can go the next step and Grill them.

If you can find baby artichokes, you can sauté them in about 8-10 minutes. Here is how:

NOTE: If you are in a strict phase, you will not be using any oil. If you use a lemon, that is your fruit for the meal. There is a recipe for stuffing artichokes.  If you decide to stuff your artichokes, use only the amount of cheese and rye bread crumbs that you are allowed on your plan. I didn’t want to share any of the videos because they use way too much butter and oil.