Happy Friday!

As another week comes to a close we want to encourage you take time for yourself. Whether it is a walk in the sunshine, preparing a delicious meal, or reading a book, do whatever you need to care of YOU!

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Eat Like You Love Yourself !

MB 11-14 - eat like love

When we love something, we tend to treat it well. For our loved ones, we would do ANYTHING & EVERYTHING! But sadly it’s a simple fact that too often we don’t do this for ourselves … time, stress and general business often stops us from looking after ourselves properly.

It’s time this changed! We need to start loving ourselves enough to give ourselves the best food and nutrients possible to be healthy and well. Your body will thank you with renewed energy and a fantastic zest for life.

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Eat Right & Feel Amazing

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The positive feedback from our clients confirm: with Metabolic Balance you know what to eat to be happy. 

Top comments include: after a short period of time you start to simply feel so much better. The pounds tumble, fitness increases and you simply feel comfortable in your body.  

Support your unique body with the right food and experience your best quality of life! Connect with your local certified Metabolic Balance Coach, who can assist you to have your personal Metabolic Balance Nutrition Plan!

What will keep us Young, Healthy and Active?

Every age has it’s height and it’s beauty – this is definitely true! But we want to stay young, healthy and active for as long as possible. So what to do when we want to keep our Quality of Life?

Certainly eating healthy and living an active Life-Style helps! Medical Press reports that dancing can reverse the signs of aging. Also Business Insider collects the best exercise to slow aging. Moving is definitely the way to go. Even, or especially when we get older we need to work our muscles. Just by walking or swimming we can strengthen or even improve our cardiovascular health. Physical activity will also improve your mood. When you walk with a friend – or a dog – it will even be more fun!

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30 Reasons for Healthy Nutrition: Improved Mood – the Building Blocks for Happiness

MB 07-28-2019

A change of diet with Metabolic Balance, makes you a winner! You increase especially good mood. And this consists of many different building blocks. For example, plenty of serotonin, which is produced in a healthy intestinal flora when the body has absorbed enough tryptophan through a healthy diet. Or the “happiness-fat” omega-3 which is important for brain metabolism. Vitamin D storage should also always be replenished. Nerve-strengthening B vitamins, happiness enhancers made from protein – genuine foods that simply mean pure happiness for us. None of this is contained in fast food. Therefore we think: You can eat your fill of Happiness.

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