30 Reasons for Healthy Nutrition: Ready to Face Future Challenges

MB 09-15-2019   

Health and performance are the two basic prerequisites for remaining competitive today and in the future. Healthy nutrition helps to master challenges arising from demographic changes more confidently. It is therefore a social necessity in order to remain competitive.

Keywords such as “being able to keep up”, “faster pace of work”, “more complex tasks”, “demographic change” or “digital transformation” require further thinking and already today a more conscious lifestyle and a tailor-made and conscious nutrition.

Find a Metabolic Balance Coach to assist you to integrate those 30 Reasons for Healthy Nutrition!

Join us for our New Year’s Challenge!

If you are honest you thought already about your new year’s resolution. It has crossed your mind, that you should eat healthier  and cleaner. Maybe you decided already to lose some pounds. We want to initiate the idea – already before the Holidays – to join us for our New Year’s Challenge. Following Confucius suggestion: “Success depends upon previous preparation.”

Join the metabolic balance® 2018 New Year’s Challenge

What are you waiting for? Join the 2018 metabolic balance® New Year’s Challenge and enter our raffle to Win a Kindle Fire HD. Lose the unwanted weight and improve your health and your vitality. Finding your personal equilibrium is the best solution for long term success and personal empowerment. With metabolic balance® you receive a personalized nutritional road map that leads the way.

“The 6% in 6 weeks Transformation

According to the Chinese proverb “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, we believe that you can go “one step” above the standard of 5% body weight loss which research has shown can offer significant benefits in initial health improvement to those obese and overweight. Additionally, this is an attainable goal for the majority of our metabolic balance® clients. Therefore, your certified metabolic balance® coach will assist you towards this target – a key milestones of success within your get-healthy journey. Additionally, this milestone can contribute greatly to your personal motivation, encouraging you to stay on your personal metabolic balance® journey! We have seen that the longer and closer participants follow their plan, the more apt they are to attain a sustainable new lifestyle, and go on to achieving even greater long-term health benefits. Which is – after all – the goal of the metabolic balance® method.

To learn more, contact your nearest metabolic balance® Coach for full details.


Win By Losing Resolution Game


For our 2016 challenge we will be playing DIET BET.  300,000 DietBetters are on the site and 92.86 % of them have lost weight,losing more than 3.5 million pounds and winning $15 million.

The Challenge: Lose 4% of body weight over a 28 day period.

Dates to join: Between January 2nd and March 5th there are 4 games in total.


Jan 2-29 2016

January 23 -Feb 19

Feb 13 – March 11

March 5 – April 1st

To allow consistent flow of participation the challenge has 4 games. One new game starts every 3 weeks. A new round starts every 28 days.

How to invite participants: Visit the games and then forward the specific URL listed below to clients and friends so they can join.

Participants may register and place their bet for a game well before it starts, but the official first weigh-in can only be complete two days before a game starts and up 14 days into a game.

Depending on when you’ve started your personal program, you may choose to participate in one game or multiple games. Here is how it works:

Please click here for details on how the Challenge Works.

DietBet Rules: Please click here for details regarding the Challenge Rules