The Gender of Fennel

Visiting my mom I went to the farmer’s market for her to buy some fresh produce, including Fennel, which she likes to eat raw. On my way out she calls after me and says: “Watch out and get a female fennel!” – – –fennel-1614693_1920 (Pixaby by Peter-facebook)

After a long thinking pause … “Say whaaat???”. Needless to say: “Mama knows best!”

Back on my LapTop I researched the topic and found a really interesting article by Marissa from Sicily, Italy.
Find the article about male and female fennel on her blog All Things Sicilian
[ Picture by Peter-facebook on Pixaby ].

Having said that – and the discussion is still out if it is the female or the male fennel that tastes better – look for the round fennel, with thicker stalks. That fennel has less “threads” (filaments) and is overall more tasteful and delicious. Marissa also implies, that at the end of the season you rather find the flatter fennel.

Educating Yourself About metabolic balance®, Your Body and Your Health

metabolic balance® wants you to educate yourself about what your body needs to be healthy.  Through

metabolic balance® coaching and the metabolic balance® rules, you will learn what it feels like to be hungry and what it means to be hungry and why hunger isn’t bad. During the four phases of metabolic balance®, you will learn how to eat what your body needs to stay healthy and how some cravings are important to follow. This learning process never ends for you or for your coach.

metabolic balance® coaches in the United States have the opportunity to continuously learn about nutrition and the science behind metabolic balance® so they can provide you with up to date studies and advances in nutritional science.   Much of the metabolic balance® coaching program is available online for coaches to learn through webinars and online chats.
If you would like to educate yourself about metabolic balance, we have a book on Amazon that you can read or you can reach out and talk with a metabolic balance coach. If you are in the San Francisco area, our reception/lecture in October is an excellent time to dive in and discuss metabolic balance with our US coaches, executive staff and with other people who have gone through the program.  The reception is by reservation and tickets are available through Eventbrite.