Short-Term Energy Boosters

Short-term “energy boosters” like coffee, energy drinks, and chocolate bars are obviously things we should try to avoid. Here at Metabolic Balance, we know that eating the right foods isn’t enough — especially as the holiday and party season sets in. To achieve a long-term lifestyle change and ensure you don’t give in to the quick-fix energy boosters, you should think about having a coach to support you throughout your journey. Our Metabolic Balance coaches do not promote ‘fad diets, they’re qualified natural medicine practitioners and they can help you achieve ongoing success. Rather than looking for a quick fix, give yourself a nutrition program that is as unique as you are and that actually works.


Do you feel tired, have no energy, and don’t feel refreshed when you wake up in the morning? A reason may be your diet! Foods high sugar, high in fat, heavily processed foods, and wrong foods for your body can all affect how long and how well you sleep. At Metabolic Balance we use over 30 blood markers from your blood test results to create a personalized and individualized nutrition plan for you. This ensures that your body gets the right combination of foods to restore your metabolism and optimize your health. Rather than waking up feeling lethargic you will feel energized and ready to take on any day!