The Link Between Diet and COVID-19 Risk

As more and more research is being conducted surrounding all aspects of SARS-COV2 and the disease it causes (COVID-19), the role of diet is being explored as well. What you eat and your overall metabolic health is not only important for homeostasis but also plays a role in how your body responds to foreign pathogens such as SARS-COV2. To learn more check out this great NY Times article and infographic from the WHO.

Infographic: WHO

World Microbiome Day

Our bodies are home to millions of microbes that keeps us healthy and protect us from pathogens. Found everywhere from your mouth and skin to your gut, the makeup of your microbiome is as unique as your fingerprint. Taking care of the microbes in your body through a healthy diet and overall good lifestyle is integral as dysbiosis has been associated with a variety of disease states such as cancer, heart disease, and mental illness. For more information check out the websites below.


Eat Right and Feel Amazing

With Metabolic Balance we give you the “recipe” for optimal health and wellness. Many of our happy clients comment that even after just a short period of time they start to feel so much better. The pounds drop, fitness increases, and they simply feel more comfortable in their body. 

Give yourself the opportunity to experience your best quality of life with Metabolic Balance!

Men’s Health Week

This week we celebrate International Men’s Health Week. To all the grandfathers, fathers, sons, uncles, and brothers out there take time to check in with both your mental and physical health.

At Metabolic Balance we help guide every client to optimal health by focusing on personalized nutrition.

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Photo: Metabolic Balance Australia and New Zealand

The Importance of Hydration

As we enter the summer months it can be easy to forget to drink enough water throughout the day. Although there are no standard guidelines recommended by the CDC, a general rule of thumb is to aim between 6-8 glasses of water a day. This can vary though based on your body weight and activity level.

Water is important for all of your cells and organs, vital for many different functions. Among other things water helps maintain blood pressure, aids the digestive system, and cushions areas of the body such as the joints, spinal cord, and brain.

If you struggle to drink enough water try adding natural flavors such as slices of lemon, cucumber, fresh herbs such as mint, or berries (depending on what is on your plan).

The Power of Metabolic Balance

The health and wellness market is flooded with many different programs that can all blur together. What separates Metabolic Balance from the rest?

One unique aspect of Metabolic Balance is that we use over 30 different blood markers to create a personalized nutrition plan for you. Different values such as those measuring thyroid function are fundamental in determining the best combination of foods for your body. A personalized nutrition plan is an absolute game changer for many of our clients and is one many aspects that makes Metabolic Balance unique!

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Morning Stretches

With the current pandemic, many of us have been spending more time indoors and most likely experiencing more stress and tension than usual. Starting off your morning with a few easy and simple stretches can be one way to ease into the day, relieve a little bit of that stress, and do something good for your body.

Below are a few great resources that share simple morning stretches that require no equipment. Some can even be done in your bed!

Centered Around You

At Metabolic Balance we know that everyone is unique! That is why we create personalized nutrition plans that are specific to you. Rather than trying to make you fit with a program, our program is centered around you. This means that your plan is customized for your body allowing for optimum weight loss and overall health.

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Rediscovering Balance

At Metabolic Balance we have worked with thousands of clients who have felt stumped when looking through the fridge and trying to figure out what to eat or cook. It all starts with your personalized nutrition plan based on the results from your individual blood test utilizing 36 parameters. This along with guidance from your coach will help you regain health and balance in your life. So rather than standing lost in thought in front of the fridge, we will have you cooking healthy and delicious meals in no time!