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Skin: A Reflection of Your Health

Although face creams and skin products can help with skin maintenance, the key to clear and healthy skin comes from within! What you eat and drink has a direct influence on your skin health. Providing your body with the correct balance of nutrients ( helps to “feed” your skin. Many skin problems such as acne, psoriasis and eczema can be caused by poor eating habits because your skin isn’t getting the proper nutrients it needs.⁣

Skin diseases often result from internal illnesses and nutritional metabolic disorders. For instance, research has found that acne occurs in primitive tribes only when they gave up their traditional diet. Before that the tribe members had no skin problems.⁣

Evidence also suggests that acne can be aggravated by dairy due to the growth hormones found in dairy products like milk. Milk in particular is a real hormone cocktail and contains precursor molecules of testosterone – a male sex hormone significantly involved in the development of acne. Milk also contains insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), which is similar to insulin and also stimulates testosterone production.⁣

When it comes to your diet and the Metabolic Balance program, be patient and consistent. Whether the change is due to an illness or cosmetic concern, your skin won’t improve overnight. That being said, if you stick with it, it will be worth the investment.⁣ Many of our clients notice a clearing up of their skin or having healthier skin after following their plan!

For more information check out these studies and links:

Adapted from: Metabolic Balance Canada
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Food is Medicine

The quote, “Let food be thy medicine” is one that we firmly believe at Metabolic Balance. The foods you put in your body every day is one of the most important things that impacts your well-being. Many chronic health conditions are associated with inflammation and one of the strongest drivers of inflammation is poor nutrition. Eating well and eating the right foods can reduce inflammation and therefore improve your health.

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In many regions of the world amaranth is used as a leafy vegetable and is prepared in a similar way to spinach, but we also love to eat it as a grain. Whether as a side dish, in soup, as a dessert or in a fruit dessert – amaranth is a real jack-of-all-trades cereal – even if amaranth is actually not a cereal at all, but rather a pseudo-cereal, just like quinoa or buckwheat. 

Preparing amaranth is very easy and very similar to cooking rice. To do this, the grains are first washed, then boiled with twice the amount of water, and left to fully cook for about 15 to 20 minutes on a low heat. The grains can also be easily ground to grist or flour. However, due to the high-quality fatty acids amaranth contains, which are very sensitive to light and oxygen, the flour is best ground fresh and used quickly.  Additionally, amaranth can also be popped similar to popcorn and used in a variety of other dishes.

You can try amaranth in phase 3 and from phase 4 on it can be incorporated into your plan regularly.

Metabolic Balance On Vacation

With summer in full swing and COVID-19 related restrictions easing in some places, many of our clients wonder how to follow their Metabolic Balance plan, especially the first phases, while on vacation. If you are traveling, one of the first things Metabolic Balance recommends is choosing a place with a daily buffet. Eating à la carte in restaurants also works, as long as you are not afraid to order dishes individually and, for example, replace side dishes such as French fries with healthier options. A great option that also works with many Metabolic Balance plans is a high-quality fish or a good steak with a fresh salad. Other foods such as delicious fruit, the daily apple, aromatic cheese, and crunchy vegetables can be found all over the world and also fit many plans. A final tip is to bring a few foods from home with you on your travels as a backup in case you are concerned about what options you may have.

Our motto while traveling is simple: “Eat as close to your plan as possible, as far away as necessary” – following this philosophy, nothing stands in the way of a healthy diet according to Metabolic Balance while enjoying your travels!

Transform Your Health

Metabolic Balance can reset your metabolism and transform your health. A 2010 Metabolic Balance study along with many satisfied clients shows the effectiveness of personalized nutrition and one-on-one coaching!

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Coconut Flour

In recent years, using different types of flours and specifically coconut flour has become more and more popular. Although we recommend it only from phase 4 onwards, here is some information about this versatile ingredient.

Coconut flour cannot be compared with conventional flours such as those made from wheat because it contains only a few carbohydrates, approx. 15 %, and no gluten. It is characterized by its protein content and high content of insoluble fiber, with one tablespoon of coconut flour containing 5 g of fiber. Coconut flour is often referred to as low-fat, as the fat is largely removed during the production process. It is great for baking where the original flour quantity is simply replaced by coconut flour. You may have to increase the liquids when baking as coconut flour absorbs a lot liquid. This also makes it a great binding agent for sauces or even soups!

Whole, Fresh Food

At Metabolic Balance we place great importance on ensuring that only natural and healthy ingredients appear on your nutrition plans. We do not recommend using any ready-made products, instead we encourage you to create dishes from your food list and play with spices. Cooking for yourself is not only healthier, it also tastes great and simply makes you happy. Although this can be challenging at first, our coaches as well as helpful tips and tricks from our online community are here to help!

Good Food Brings Health

Good food increases your well-being and quality of life. During a dietary change your awareness for the whole body changes. You begin to pay more attention to yourself and eat more consciously. The result is: You feel good all around. If that is not a good reason to eat healthier then what is!

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