No Longer A Balancing Act

Do you feel like you are doing a balancing act with your health?

Things can feel stable for a weeks or months but then something can happen to upset the precarious balance you have. You may be starting to feel overwhelmed by the exercise program you are trying to follow or see that weight creeping up on the scale again. Or you may just feel no matter what program or diet you try, nothing feels stable, comfortable, and trustworthy.
Well that is where Metabolic Balance comes in. Rather than being a program designed as a one-size-fits-all, our program is tailored specifically to you!

Our focus is on resetting and balancing your metabolism. Metabolism is in simple terms all the essential processes that happen every second in your body in terms of using essential nutrients to power your cells. Some of the basic processes that are dependent on a properly functioning metabolism include all growth and repair processes; supplying oxygen to your organs; your detoxification processes that are performed by the liver; maintaining body temperature and hormone balance.

When you have a balanced metabolism, your weight is naturally stable and stays within a healthy range, your energy is just what you need it to be, your sleep is refreshing and energizing; your muscles are healthy and strong; your mind is clear and focused; your hormones are balanced; your blood sugar is stable and supports you throughout the day.

An imbalanced metabolism is intimately entwined with what you eat, how you eat, when you eat, your stress levels and the right exercise for you. The right changes to each of these areas makes real differences to your health.

You can reset your body and metabolism by making healthy changes to your lifestyle and that’s what we love helping people with.

To learn your foods and how to eat them, you simply need to find your metabolic balance practitioner. You can do this by checking our website:

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Ever thought about it what your tailor-made nutrition plan can do for your health and immune system? In these times we should think prevention. Check out what a personalized Metabolic Balance Nutrition Plan can do for you!

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Improve Your Life

“A healthy outside starts from the inside.”
– Robert Urich

With healthy nutrition you will feel fitter, healthier and happier – that is quality of life that you can feel on the inside and will see on the outside.

With the Metabolic Balance program you can achieve this quality of life and truly change your life for the better!

Pay the Farmer – not the Pharmacist

A healthy diet and a balanced metabolism are the cornerstones of great health. One of the key goals of Metabolic Balance is to help our clients prevent chronic disease and enjoy their optimum long term health.

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Medicinal Plants – good to know!

Self-treatment with herbs and medicinal plants, especially in the flu and cold season, is becoming increasingly common. If you like using herbs and alternative remedies without the guidance of a specialist, please be aware of the following:

  • Medicinal plants may be suitable for the prevention of minor complaints such as coughs and colds and for the early treatment of an illness. 
  • In the case of chronic illnesses, you should always discuss alternative treatment with your health care provider. 
  • If the cause of the complaints or your symptoms are unclear, you should always consult a health care provider. 
  • If there is little or no improvement of symptoms after three days of self-treatment or if your condition worsens, you should definitely consult a health care provider. 
  • Be extremely careful where you purchase or collect medicinal plants and herbs. When collecting your own herbs or plants, always carry appropriate literature with you to check the location, color, shape and flowers of a plant. This will reduce the risk of mistakes or confusion with poisonous plants.

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We all know that coffee is allowed with Metabolic Balance but it’s only allowed during the meal and without milk – thus, black! Now, did you know that if you have milk on your food list, you could enjoy milk with your coffee? But only with the meal you use milk as your protein. To do so is perfectly fine – and according to our strategies of success – if you use a portion of your allotted amount of milk. This way you could enjoy a cappuccino, a latte or café au lait with breakfast! Remember, since you can’t mix proteins, milk in coffee is only allowed if milk is your protein for that meal.

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