Avoid Waste of Produce: Vegetable Puree

Vegetable purees are great to avoid waste of produce. You can take one type of vegetable or combinations such as: 
cauliflower celery puree
carrot cauliflower puree
pumpkin carrot puree
broccoli cauliflower puree
zucchini celery puree … just try them all!

MB 08-07-2019
Vegetables in line with your plan
Spices: salt, pepper, 1 pinch of nutmeg
When in Phase 2 with oil: 1 TBsp. oil
in Phase 3 or 4 you can also use some coconut milk

Steam vegetables, puree with a little vegetable broth, add a salt and pepper to taste. Add a healthy oil (e.g., olive oil, walnut oil, argan oil, etc. / or flax seed oil after taking from heat) depending on your taste and puree well, till the puree becomes creamy! If you like, you can add 1 TBsp. chopped herbs or finely chopped salad leftovers.
Add protein according to your plan and enjoy!

Metabolic Balance Takes a Neutral Stand on Sunflower Oil

MB 08-06-2019

Due to its high vitamin E content, sunflower oil has a very long shelf life. It is almost tasteless, relatively inexpensive and is suitable for both, frying and cooking. However, it cannot be said to have exceptionally positive properties.

Rapeseed Oil – NOT Canola!

A kitchen all-rounder: rapeseed oil or also called colza oil. In northern America unfortunately not often available, since the Canola Industry swamped the market. Canola is not derived out of seeds, but is rather a laboratory created breed, nowadays mostly genetically modified.

MB 07-23-2019

The “real” rapeseed oil is also one of the oils with a high proportion of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (ratio 1:3) and is therefore highly recommended.
Due to its high heat stability, rapeseed oil is often used for pan frying. Even if it seems absurd, to use cold-pressed rapeseed oil and heat it in a pan. It is preferable for frying and deep-frying because its accompanying substances inhibit the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids.

Almond Oil – to be Enjoyed with Caution!

MB 07-13-2019

Pure sweet almond oil is rare. Test samples showed that most almond oils were mixed with oils from apricot, peach or plum seeds. This is a pity because almond oil has a high content of vitamin A, is soft and velvety and almost tasteless and odorless. When buying please pay attention to cold pressing and purity.


Beloved Olive Oil!

MB 07-16-2019

It is available everywhere and yet difficult to buy. Olive oil exists in such abundance that it is difficult to find your way to the best purchase. Hardly any other oil is known for so many knockoffs as olive oil.
Although the European Union has issued precise guidelines on its quality designation, these are often circumvented.
Neither the designation of origin, nor the quality standards or the organic label have been spared. Buying olive oil therefore remains a matter of trust. And this is most likely justified with small cooperatives, but also has its price.
Olive oil is available in an unusual range of flavors. There are very mild oils with a delicate aroma reminiscent of bananas (mostly from Greece) and very strong Spanish oils that already oscillate into bitterness. In between everything is possible.