What Shall We Eat With Tomatoes? Lets try Hummus. Lots and Lots of Hummus.

Attn: This is not a metabolic balance infographic so use the recipes as inspiration. If you use two proteins the meal is off plan and should be considered a treat meal.  Some ingredients may not be on your plan but you can substitute ingredients that are.  If you add the lemon, remember to count it as your fruit for the meal.

If you are not sure about an ingredient, please ask your coach. 

If you are in the strict phase, please do not use oil or wait and try making these after you are in phase 3.

Note:  This infographic only has dried tomatoes but you could use roasted or grilled tomatoes… Be creative and see how many ways you can add tomatoes to hummus.  Maybe you can even make the hummus red and make green chickpea chips for a very festive and Metabolic Balance® friendly meal.

Photo of tomatoes by Isaac Wedin