Do you know that Pumpkin Seeds are a Sleep Aid?

Many have the “Seed Mix”, which is pumpkin and sunflower seeds, as a breakfast in their Metabolic Balance Nutrition Plan. Ever wondered how many benefits pumpkin seeds actually have? See in the following infographic [source]:

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Food for Thought:

The Center of Science in the Public Interest (CSIP)hand-1549136_1920 just published a very interesting Info-Graphic on facebook, which linked to the following article. Giving food for thought: What to Eat – the Grandparents’ Diet!

Photo #hand#hold#care by 41330  (pixabay)

Let’s think about the world we bequeath to our children and grandchildren!

Keep Your Kidneys Healthy – A Healthy Diet and Excercise Will Help

The metabolic balance diet will help keep your kidneys healthy by showing you the right way to eat for your body.

Here is some information about how your kidneys function and an infographic explaining a little bit about kidney disease.  Since women and older Americans are at major risk for the disease, we want you to be aware and take action so that you are heading down a healthy life path.





Goals – Most People never set them!



Ready to set some goals? Here are some goal related links from the blogs that will help you get started.

Two Infographics Encouraging You to Eat More Onions and More Mushrooms – Advent #6

We shared different kinds of mushrooms you could grow but here are more options you can try adding to your diet:


As long as you are adding more mushrooms, how about trying a few more Onions (Onions go well with mushrooms). In the infographic below are a few varieties you can find in your local health food stores, farmers markets and maybe even your traditional grocery stores.


Here are some onion articles that you may want to read:



Red Onion photograph by Andrew Malone

World Stroke Day is October 29, 2016

Understanding stroke risk in women. Are you at risk? In the United States, 1 in 5 women will have a stroke. Learn more by visiting today!

Where are the most deaths by Stroke in your state?

You can go to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and use their interactive Atlas of Heart disease and Stroke to get statistics for your state.  The interactive map lets you put in demographics such as race, sex, age and year.  In the sample below, I asked for information about Hispanic women over 35 between 2012-2014 in California (Where metabolic balance has our headquarters.)  The graphic below show stroke deaths per 100,000 people.  I also asked for data for White women over 35 so and men from both categories so that you can compare the graphics.  If you want to check out your state, you can go to the interactive map and input your data.

Stroke Deaths of White Men in California 35+ 2012-2014
Stroke Deaths of Hispanic Men in California 35+  2012-2014



Stroke Deaths of Hispanic Women in California 35+ 2012-2014
Stroke Deaths of White Women in California 35+ from 2012-2014