Lentil Mini Patties

Delicious also as a pre-made “grab and go” meal  – Lentil Mini Patties

1 serving red lentils
1 serving bell pepper
1 serving leek
1 serving kohlrabi
Spices: salt, pepper, ground caraway, parsley, dill, chives
Coconut oil

MB 10-26 red lentilsPreparation:
Soak the lentils for at least 6 hours, pour, rinse and drain. Add the same amount of fresh water (i.e. 100g of dried lentils, then add 100ml of water) to the lentils and puree until smooth in a blender. Wash and clean the vegetables and cut them into very small cubes or grate them.Add two thirds of the vegetables to the lentil mixture, season well and mix with parsley. Fry the lentil mixture as small patties in coconut oil to a golden brown. Simply prepare the remaining vegetables as a salad or vegetable side-dish.

Tip: These mini-patties can also be prepared beforehand and eaten cold. Therefore, they are ideal as a “meal on the go”.


Taking Your Lunch To Work in Style

Do you struggle with how to take your lunch to work?  Maybe if you have a really cool lunchbox or lunchbag, you will enjoy packing your metabolic balance meal to go.  Here are a few new options for packing your second meal of the day.

Archer Brighton Lunchboxes

Archer Brighton Lunchbox

Neoprene Lunch bags by Built NY – Lunchbags designed in NYC – The bags come in several colourful designs and are under 30 dollars.

Built NY Lunchbag

Vera Bradely Lunch Bunch Bag which you can purchase online for under 40 Dollars.

Vera Bradely Lunch Bunch Bag


Eco Lunch Boxes has Bento Boxes and a full line of lunch packing products and this cool Oragami Tote for 30 Dollars.


Have a long way to go and want to keep your lunch cool?  Try using this Pack It lunch Box which costs less than 20 Dollars and  you can freeze.


Or, go a bit exotic with a more traditional Bento Kyoto


If you are a DIY kind of metabolic balancer, here are a few tutorials on how to make your own lunchbox/bag at home.


Celebrate Salad Week July 25th to July 31, 2015

salad closeup

Metabolic balance loves to share information on how you can eat healthier. If you are taking salads to work, here are a few ways that you can take a salad to the office in style.

Iris Lunch boxes.  I have two of these with different coloured polka dots. They don’t look like a lunch box which is great. Everything inside the bag is insulated and the plastic containers wash easily.

Trespass metal boxes

These metal boxes work great for salads but don’t put anything too wet inside. The boxes have a little rubber sealant between the metal cover and the box but I wouldn’t depend on it to keep liquid from coming out when the box is being thrown around in your bag.

salad photo